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Basingstoke Salvation Army Bible Messages

Jun 26, 2018

This week, special guest Major Sue Betts (Reading Lower Earley) preaches on the story of Israel crossing over the River Jordan into the Promised Land.

After a relatively easy journey, God's people are confronted by the Jordan in flood; an impossible barrier to what God has promised them.

But a whole new generation of...

Jun 20, 2018

When you try to imagine God, what does he look like in your mind’s eye?

God is a spiritual being, with no physical body, invisible to the human eye. But we see him in the person of Jesus Christ. He tells us who he is, and explains him to us.

Your relationship with God is never static; it's either moving forward, or...

Jun 20, 2018

A PDF outline of the above-named Bible Message.

Jun 18, 2018

We all have certain expectations for our lives and those of our children. Joseph would have had expectations for Jesus’ life.

In this story, Jesus blows his parents’ expectations out of the water.

Letting go of our children is painful. But the best thing we can do for them is to set them free to fulfil God’s...