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Basingstoke Salvation Army Bible Messages

Oct 24, 2017

Stopping to mark what God has done in the past to strengthen us for the future. This Sunday we celebrated our 137th Anniversary, an opportunity to praise God for his faithfulness. The Bible Message is from special guest, Major Geoff Chape from William Booth College.   Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes or on Podbean or...

Jun 25, 2017

Change is tough. It stresses us out. It affects our health and well-being. The Bible can help us handle change, so that we transition well. Join us as we find out how to handle change and transition in healthy ways. This morning, our series concludes as Cadet Rob teaches every Christian can navigate through change and...

Aug 14, 2016

On Sunday morning, we concluded our series on telling people about God’s story. In this podcast, Cadet Rob Westwood-Payne explains that every Christian should make themselves available to tell God’s story because of the difference it can make in the world.

Aug 10, 2016

Our Sunday evening series, We Believe, continues, looking at the basic beliefs of The Salvation Army. In this podcast, Cadet Rob Westwood-Payne explains every Christian should behave differently towards others by following what Jesus did. Embed from Getty Images [...]

Aug 8, 2016

On Sunday morning, we continued our series on telling people about God’s story. In this podcast, Cadet Rob Westwood-Payne teaches that rather than emphasising rule keeping, every Christian should serve others as a way of expressing God’s story to them. Click here to listen or to download this Podcast episode:...